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Support the FamiLea


The money raised by the HSA goes directly toward student activities, incentives, supplies, and other items to make Lea a great place to be and learn. You may earmark your donation for specific campaigns by leaving a note in the donation page, or contribute to our general fund. 

Over the summer of 2024, we are engaged in the following campaigns.

Tuppens for Chickens

Lea has a beautiful garden and six gorgeous, friendly chickens. To support our gardeners and farmers by purchasing chicken feed, please click below and add "chickens" to the note line.

Lea HSA Website

The Lea HSA is committed to providing excellent communications to, and serving as a resource for, our community. It's an ongoing process. Contributions support our website maintenance fund, which allows us to host and update this site and make it a great resource for families. To support our website, please click below and add "website" to the notes line.

School Bulletin Boards

In our effort to support Lea Elementary in reaching all of our families and the broader community, HSA proposes to fund and install exterior bulletin boards at the entrances to the school. These will allow parents to see what's coming at Lea at a glance. Contributions to the HSA will go toward these bulletin boards. 

To learn more about our projects and to receive a treasurer updates, join our meetings, the second Tuesday of each month on Zoom:

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