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About the Lea Home and School Association

Showing up for Lea

The Home and School Association is Philadelphia's answer to a traditional PTA or PTO.

At Lea HSA, we aim to both support our school, its students, and its staff. We provide a connection pathway for parents to pitch in and provide the help the school needs at any given moment. We bridge families and the school in the both directions: We also take families' needs, concerns and visions to the school leadership, and work to make our educational dreams a reality.


Henry C. Lea is a truly unique educational institution, situated in a thriving, standout area of a one-of-a-kind city.

Like any PTA, we hold monthly meetings, and they're a great place to get to know other families, and members of the staff and administration, who attend in impressive numbers. At our meetings, you can learn more about what's going on at the school and how you can be a part of it. And of course, we discuss our ongoing projects. HSA is working on the Lea educational experience from many facets, and we offer an array of ways you can get involved. 


Book Fair 

Library Volunteer Crew


Lea School Store (monthly)

Special Events - Family Social, Chil-Lea Cookoff

Special Projects

Beauty Crew - School Cleanup and Garde

Love Crew - Teacher & Staff Appreciation and Support

Translation Corps 

We call for volunteers on projects big and  small on this website, and on our Google Group. We also are always open to suggestions. Leave your comments, concerns and ideas in our suggestion box

We need your talent, your vision, and your presence to makea and keep it a wonderful place to learn.

Learn more or commit to Lea here.

Email to join our list or for questions.

Join our meetings every second Wednesday at 7pm 

Read past meeting minutes here.

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