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August 2023 Fundraising and Project Notables

Winter 2023 Fundraising and Initiative Update

HSA has been busy! Through "swag" sales and direct appeals, we've raised enough to contribute to Lea in meaningful ways. 


Monday, January 29 - Friday, February 2nd - HSA ran a Supplies Drive, collecting goods at school and through an Amazon wishlist. The drive was so successful, we're back at it, asking for more funds to support an overhaul of the teacher's lounge.

On Friday, February 9, HSA supported the Middle School Academy Dance by funding, picking up, preparing and setting up food, decorating the gym, and chaperoning! Generous families contributed their time as well as funds.


Fall 2023 Fundraising and Initiative Update

Thanks to a very generous community donor who provided bagels and spreads for teachers and staff on the first day of school! HSA was able to spread the love to our community from the word go!

Thanks to a group of very generous neighborhood kids who donated the entire proceeds of their lemonade stand -- more than $80! -- to support Lea HSA. That money supported our parent information packet initiative, for which the HSA provided folders and stickers.

Our next big spending goal is to provide or subsidize Lea lawn signs for our families. We plan to distribute at the Lea Family Movie Night. Let's spread the Love for Lea across West Philly! If you'd like to contribute to the Lea Lawn Sign Love, please donate here.


Thank you for donating!  We raised $1,195.  We plan to use this money to help purchase new supplies for indoor recess! 


Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our school!  We will be receiving $450.95 from Chipotle.  Woohoo!


UPDATE 10/22/21

Thank you all so much for your generosity!  With your help, we raised about $3500, and we are currently working to distribute money directly to classroom teachers so that they can treat their students to fun activities and prizes.  We will also be purchasing an installing a new basketball hoop for our playground.  More to come! :) 


UPDATE 8/23/20

Friends, we are SO BLOWN AWAY by your generosity! 

In just four days, you helped us raise $7,700!!!

We will be using the bulks of these funds to purchase supplies for at-home learning kits that will be distributed the first week of school, and we will save a little extra for additional supplies later in the fall as more needs present themselves.  From the entire Lea family, thank you.  We are so, incredibly grateful.

Original request: We are raising money to provide at-home learning kits to each student to pick up during the first weeks of school. 

We would like to raise $3,000 to purchase supplies for each kit by Friday, August 28.

Just $5 would support one kid, and $125 would support an entire class! 


Thank you to everyone who donated to our fundraiser to support Lea families in need! With your help, we raised an incredible $9,243.12 and have begun distributing gift cards of $275 each to 17 Lea families. 

As of August 5, we have $3,683.32 remaining, which we plan to use to purchase gift cards for new families who come forward as the school year begins and additional gift cards for families who continue to struggle throughout the school year as a result of the pandemic.

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you. 


The Lea Home and School Association 

PS. We will soon begin a fundraiser to purchase at-home learning supplies for Lea students to use as they participate in virtual learning.  Donations received going forward will be directed to those supplies, and we will release more information about how to get involved soon!


The Henry C. Lea School Advisory Council and Home and School Association write to update you on summer organizing happening within our community.  Many families in our community are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the SAC and HSA are collaborating with our school counselor, Mr. Hollenbach, and Principal Gerwer to support those families.


If you are able to donate any amount, we can accept gifts online at (write “Covid Food Fund” in the comments line). You may also mail checks to the HSA treasurer.


General questions can be submitted to


If you are a family in need, please email Mr. Hollenbach at or call him at 215-821-8628.  All requests for aid will be kept confidential and will be answered directly by school staff. 


Here are a list of other West Philly resources if you have ongoing needs or wish to donate:

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